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Deeper Learning Conference Schedule

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So the time is finally right around the corner for High Tech High to share some of their tools to bring project-based learning and deeper learning to your classroom.  Click on the link below for the schedule!

High Tech High Schedule November 3rd and 4th

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It would be really helpful to come in with a new project idea! On top of this blog, I have posted links to projects in your subject area and grade level to help give you some ideas!


That was Exhausting!


Wow, I did a lot of research! Here is a list of humanities, social studies and English project resources! I hope you enjoy!


Creating Family Flags

City Systems

We Can Take Care of Our Planet

Our Selves,Our Classroom and Our Families

Social Studies: The Kindergarten Experience, Change Over Time

3rd and Middle School Collaboration

Seedfolks: Planting positive seeds of school culture both literally and in a garden

3rd Grade and 4th Grade:
Through My Eyes: Photography and Literacy

Illustrating Democracy: Art Brings Words to Life


4th-6th Grade


Time Travel to Pre-Colonial California

Slavery In America: Building Background Knowledge

Revolution, Reaction and Reform

6th Grade:

Lascoux Cave Project

E is for Egypt

Pompeii, Scenes of Destruction

The Lost Postcard Collection: The Odyssey



Middle School:

A Hero in My Eyes

Teaching Theme Analysis in Layers


Dr. Seuss Project

The Globe Project

In My Life

Out of this World: A Little Prince

8th Grade

Change, A Portrait of Slavery

Operation 1492

Staff Class to the Past: Time Travel through U.S. History

New American Project

Yep, I got into trouble, but I also had time to research science and math projects


Sorry for the delay. I like to have a new blog post up before 8am, but I got in a bit of trouble this morning. So, I am running a bit behind. Before I ate the $20 and got sick, I had some time to research excellent science and math projects. This information might help give you an idea for the High Tech High Deeper Learning workshop next Monday and Tuesday!  All of these resources can also be found in the math and science page on the top of my blog!


Using the standards, this teacher has put all of her projects online for each grade level, 6th-8th grade. High Tech High is a textbook-free school that uses projects to teach the core math skills. Click on each grade level and see projects of each one

A website for projects for literally every standard in middle school math

Here is  a sample from 6th Grade: Unit Statistics
6th Grade Statistics Lesson

More lower school math projects to come……



Hypothesizing About Bugs

Reasoning about garden observations

Respecting the Garden

Birds, Insects and Balloons: Kindergarten Flight Study

1st-3rd Grade:

Simple Machines: Art and Science Collaboration

Dichotomous Key


Journaling About Magnets

Explaining Ecosystems

Raptors for Rodents

Middle School:

Exploring Predictions

Building a 3D Model

Tiny House

Barbie Bungee Jump: Stem Project

Applying Stem: Brain Safety Challenge

Roller Coaster Challenge

Actually it’s Rocket Science

Understanding Electricity with Photovoltaics

Climate Change in a Bottle

I’ve Had a Breakthrough!


Greetings! I am so happy to announce that High Tech High expert teachers in project-based learning will be coming to Mayfield on November 3rd and 4th to help us create projects for our classrooms! Do you have a project idea for your grade level that you have wanted to do if given the time for collaboration and time with your students? Take the poll!

Here are some links to project-based learning that may help you prepare for their arrival:

A Step-by-step Guide to Creating your Own Projects

UnBoxed: A Regular Journal About Project-Based Learning

I can succeed….at getting that ball under the couch

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Hello everyone! I have been doing some light reading in between naps and I read some interesting things about academic mindsets.

  • Did you know that if a student doesn’t feel like he or she can be successful on a particular assignment, he or she is less likely to perform at potential and potentially not even do the assignment?
  • Did you know that telling a student he or she is smart is actually hindering potential growth? Studies show that if that same “smart” student doesn’t feel “as smart” and struggles with a future assignment, he or she will lose the growth mindset and will stop putting in effort.
  • Did you know the best form of compliment for a student is focused on the effort he or she took to do the work?

What can you do to instill a growth mindset for your students? Here are some links to help you figure that out.

The Talent Myth, By Malcolm Gladwell

Academic Mindsets for Learner Success

What’s My Classroom Mindset? Take the Quiz!


I’m a big deal and I Love Learning


I am the irrepressible, Olive Sanders. I am a tri-colored chiweenie and I spends my days sunbathing, sleeping and barking at sounds nobody else can hear. My real passion however, is education, especially deeper learning. I am embarking on an adventure to find the best resources, strategies and ideas on deeper learning. Join me!

Let’s get started! Here is a link to the Hewlett Foundation’s definition of Deeper Learning